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Insurance in the Philippines

Insurance in the Philippines is important. It can provide you protection and lower risks against liability, damages, and even financial loss. We all know that having insurance does not come for free and in certain times the price of having one can be very shocking. It is important to discuss whether an insurance is financially feasible, what are the benefits, which cases are covered and more. In our opinion, the Philippine insurance market is not structured well and the (potential) clients are not well informed regarding the company’s insurance product.

PhilippineInsurance.NET wants to play a role within this market. We want to help customers understand different insurance companies and the products these companies offer. The team gathers information and tries to explain this in the most understanding way possible. We want more transparency for our readers. After all, paying insurance without knowing its benefits is an useless insurance plan. Furthermore, click here to view all licensed insurance companies in the Philippines.

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