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Company Details

Company name: AsianLife and General Assurance Corporation
Former name: ATR Professional Life Assurance Corporation
License no.: 2016/84-R
Address: 2/F, 3/F, & Penthouse Morning Star Center, 347 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, 1200 Makati City,
Tel. no.: 006328901758
Fax no.: 006328958519/006328958524
Website: www.asianlife.com.ph
Email: helpdesk@asianlife.com.ph

AsianLife and General Assurance Corporation is an insurance company with a composite license. The firm offers both life and non-life insurance products. AsianLife and General Assurance Corporation is backed by its parent firm, Maybank ATR Kim Eng Financial Corporation.

Company Products

A. Welfare for executives and employees:

  1. AsianLife Protect – A yearly renewable life insuranc plan. This insurance pays out in case of death of the person insured from any cause stated in the contract. The amount of insurance can differ per person depending on either salary, position, and rank. The AsianLife protect can be combined with an Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit and/or Total & Permanent Disability Benefit Rider. The Accidental Death & Disemberment Benefit is an additional insurance package pays additional insurance benefits in case of an accidental bodily injury or death. The Total & Permanent Disability Benefit Rider is an additonal insurance package provides benefits in case of a permanent and total disability of the person insured.
  2. AsianLife MedProtect – A insurance plan offered to company executives, employees, and staff. The package is designed to compensate expenses incurred by the person insured when confined in a hospital or clinic. The insurance plan pays the room and board, hospital services, physician’s fees and medication needed by the client. The AsianLife MedProtect plan can be combined with an Hospital Daily Income Benefit Rider and/or Superior Hospitalization Benefit of AsianLife MedProtect. Hospital Daily Income Benefit Rider package provides for daily income if the person insured is confined in a hospital or clinic due to injury or illness. Benefits are paid out to a specified number of days. The Superior Hospitalization Benefit of AsianLife MedProtect package is an expansion plan which adds over 700 accrediated hospitals nationwide. This package allows you to choose your own physician and offers a no-cash-out confinement.
  3. AsianLife MedProtect Plus -This plan is designed for executives and employees to enjoy the addtional superior hospitalization benefits. This insurance is on top of you PhilHealth insurance.
  4. Group Personal Accident – This type of plan provides insurance benefits in case of death or loss as result of accidental bodily injury.
  5. AsianLife Credit Protect – This insurance plan provides a life insurance where the amount of insurance is paid to the creditor to pay the outstanding balance of the loan in case of death of the borrower. This is normally bought by financial institutions that extend loans. The amount of insurance is equivalent to the amount of loan.

B. Industry-specific products:

The industry insurance plan is a 5-in-1 program especially designed for Industry Specific Professionals

  • Superior Hospitalization Benefit
    • Over 700 accredited hospitals and clinics nationwide, including Makati Medical Center, St. Luke\’s Medical Center, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Asian Hospital, UST Hospital, Medical City General Hospital & other hospitals in key cities nationwide.
    • Not limited to accredited hospitals & physicians. (You can choose your own physician.)
    • No-Cash-Out Confinement.
  •  Full Insurance Protection 24 x 7, 365 days/year
  • Maximum Accident Insurance Protection 24 x 7, 365 days/year
    • Up to 300% of basic coverage.
    • Customized for Call Center Company employees with increased risks.
  •  Benefits Available Worldwide
    • Hospitalization Benefits 24 x 7, 365 days/year.
    • Insurance Benefits available 24 x 7, 365 days/year.
    • Accident Insurance Benefits available 24 x 7, 365 days/year.
  • Stress Management Seminars are available for FREE for all underlying packages. 
  1. CallCarePlus – Call Center firms
  2. SemiconCarePlus – Semicon Industry-related firms
  3. MedProtectPlus – Hotel Industry-related firms
  4. PharmaCarePlus – Pharma Industry-related firms
  5. eCarePlus –  IT Professionals

C. Individual life insurance:

  1. Whole Life Plans – An insurance plan that is offered to individuals that need both protection and savings. These plans provides insurance protection and savings in the form of cash values. The policy owner either borrow for the plan’s cash values or surrender it while still alive, or use it to pay his insurance even after he had stopped paying his premiums.
  2. Endowment Plans – This is for individuals who want insurance for themselves to save and also enjoy insurance protection. These plans that provide a specified amount whether the insured lives to the end of the term of the coverage or dies during that term. Each endowment plan specifies a date when the policy’s face amount is paid if the insured is still living. If the insured dies before the maturity date, then the policy’s face amount is paid to the beneficiary. Thus, a fixed benefit is received whether the insured survives before or to the maturity date of the policy.

D. Non traditional life insurance:

  1. SME Plus – Insurance designed to fit your budget. Everyone deserves quality healthcare- especially those entrepreneurs who are taking chances, creating job opportunities and making quality contributions to the economy. At AsianLife is committed to provide high quality small & medium business health care insurance.
  2. Seafarer’s Retention Program (SRP) – Faced with the prospect of long months at sea, the last thing that a seafarer would want to worry about is the health of his loved ones. A seafarer’s burden of being away for months and constantly thinking of the well being of his loved ones is greatly lessened when he knows that his family has easy access to the best doctors and hospitals in the country should the need arises. Knowing also that the same extensive medical coverage awaits him once he goes on vacation leave, helps the seafarer have a peace of mind while on seafarer’s duty.
  3. SchoolCare – In support of your objectives of extending the best protection for your students and school personnel, AsianLife is pleased to present the SchoolCare Program. As you know, dengue cases are on the rise especially in schools. Likewise, our children are faced with the hazards of accidents during field trips, on the school grounds and even in the classroom. SchoolCare offers you and your students, protection 24 hours a day and worldwide for 365 days. Also, the protection coverage is extended to you whether you and your students are in or out of school. AsianLife affordable rates enable you to avail of the program for only a minimal amount.
  4. AcciDefense – This is an affordable insurance in designed and to prepare the client in time of accidents. The benefits consist of accident death and disablement, unprovoked murder and assualt, and accidental burial assistance .
  5. Kabisig – An Advocacy of Building a Nation by helping DepEd Teachers. Medical Privileges and Accident Insurance Benefits:
    • Kabisig Card (Free)
    • Consultations (General Practitioners on selected clinics)
    • Discounted Consultations (Specialist Doctors)
    • Discounts on Laboratory Charges and Procedures
    • TeleConsulta (02) 895.35.35
    • Php 25,000 Free Accident Insurance Protection
  6. Micro Insurance – Like any other person, those who belong to the low income and informal sector are exposed to risks such as death caused by accident and/or catastrophes. Occurrence of these events would require them to incur unexpected expenses they may not be prepared to handle. Having an insurance coverage would protect and prepare them for these events and minimize impact on their cash and financial position.With MicroInsurance, the poor and the low income sector will be in a better position to quickly recover from shocks brought about by these events.
  7. A Life Shield – Major benefits to this insurance includes: Life insurance with a converage age up to 100 years old. Accidental Death Benefit, which pays out accidental benefits equal to the life coverage up to age 100. And additional benefits such as:
    • Guaranteed no premium increase.
    • Waiver of premium which allows you to enjoy all benefits without premium payment in case of disability.
    • Cash surrender value if you decide to terminate the plan.
    • Policy loan if you decide to borrow against your cash surrender values.
    • Premium Deposit Fund – allows you to invest in your policy up to a maximum future premiums.
AsianLife and General Assurance Corporation

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