These are licensed insurance companies in the Philippines listed at the Insurance Commission of the Philippines.

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I. Composite (Life and Non-Life)

  1. AsianLife and General Assurance Corporation (Formerly: ATR Professional Life Assurance Corporation – name changed effective 31 March 2003)
  2. CLIMBS Life & General lnsurance Cooperative
  3. Paramount Life & General lnsurance Corporation
  4. Philippine American Life and General lnsurance Company

II. Life Companies

  1. Allianz PNB Life lnsurance, lnc. (Formerly: PNB Life lnsurance, lnc.-as of 7 December 2016 )
  2. BDO Life Assurance Company, lnc. (Formety: Generali Pilipinas Life Assurance Company, lnc.-as of 30 June 2016 )
  3. BPI-Philam Life Assurance Corporation
  4. Beneficial Life lnsurance Company, lnc.
  5. CAP Life lnsurance Corporation
  6. Caritas Life lnsurance Corporation
  7. Cooperative lnsurance System of the Philippines
  8. Country Bankers Life lnsurance Corporation
  9. East West Ageas Life lnsurance Corporation
  10. FWD Life lnsurance Corporation
  11. First Life Financial Company, lnc. (Fonnerly: FirstGuarantee Lffe Assurance Co.-as of 2007 )
  12. Fortune Life lnsurance Company, lnc.
  13. Generali Life Assurance Philippines, lnc.
  14. lnsular Life Assurance Company, Ltd.,
  15. The Manila Bankers Life lnsurance Corporation
  16. Manulife Chinabank Life Assurance Corporation (Formety: The Prameica Life lnsurance Co., lnc.)
  17. Manufacturers Life lnsurance Company (Phils.), lnc.,
  18. The National Life lnsurance Company of the Philippines
  19. Philam Equitable Life Assurance Company, lnc.
  20. Philippine AXA Life Insurance Corporation
  21. Philippine Life Financial Assurance Corporation (Formerly: Asian Life Financial Assurance Corporation)
  22. Philippines lnternational Life lnsurance Company, lnc.
  23. Pioneer Life lnc.
  24. Pru Life lnsurance Corporation of U.K.
  25. Sun Life Grepa Financial, lnc.
  26. Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), lnc.
  27. United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation
  28. United Life Assurance Corporation

III. Non-Life Companies

  1. AFP General lnsurance Corporation
  2. AIG Philippines lnsurance, lnc. (Formerly: Chartis Phils. lnsurance lnc. name change effec. 13 Dec. 2012)
  3. Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation
  4. Alpha lnsurance and Surety Company, lnc.
  5. Asia lnsurance (Philippines) Corporation (Formerly: Asia Traders lnsurance Corporation – name change effect. 23 June 2004)
  6. Asia United lnsurance, lnc.
  7. BF General lnsurance Company, lnc.
  8. BPI/MS Insurance Corporation
  9. Bankers Assurance Corporation
  10. CARD Pioneer Microinsurance lnc. (Formerly: Pioneer Asia lnsurance Corporation – name changed effec. 13 Sept. 201 3)
  11. Charter Ping An lnsurance Corporation
  12. Cibeles I nsurance Corporation
  13. Commonwealth lnsurance Company
  14. Corporate Guarantee and lnsurance Company, lnc.
  15. Country Bankers lnsurance Corporation
  16. Empire lnsurance Company
  17. FLT Prime lnsurance Corporation
  18. FPG lnsurance Co., lnc. (Formerly: Federal Phoenix Assurance Company, lnc.- named change Feb. 18, 2015)
  19. First lntegrated Bonding & lnsurance Co., lnc.
  20. First Nationwide Assurance Corporation, The
  21. Fortune General lnsurance Corporation
  22. lnsurance Company of North America
  23. Intra Strata Assurance Corporation
  24. Investors Assurance Corporation
  25. Liberty Insurance Corporation
  26. MAA General Assurance Philippines, lnc.
  27. Malayan lnsurance Company, lnc.
  28. Manila Surety and Fidelity Company, lnc.
  29. Mapfre Insular Insurance Corporation
  30. Mercantile lnsurance Company, lnc.
  31. Meridian Assurance Corporation
  32. Metropolitan lnsurance Company, lnc.
  33. Milestone Guaranty and Assurance Corporation
  34. New lndia Assurance Company, Ltd., The
  35. Northwest lnsurance & Surety Company, lnc.
  36. Oriental Assurance Corporation
  37. Pacific Cross lnsurance, lnc. (Formerly: B/ue Cross lnsurance, lnc. – name changed effec. 1 January 2016)
  38. Pacific Union Insurance Company
  39. People’s General Insurance Corporation
  40. Perla Compania de Seguros, Inc.
  41. Petrogen Insurance Corporation
  42. PGA Sompo lnsurance Corporation (Formerly: PGA Sompo Japan lnsurance, lnc.- name changed effec. 1 Feb. 2015)
  43. Philippine British Assurance Company, lnc
  44. Philippines First lnsurance Company, lnc.
  45. Pioneer lnsurance and Surety Corporation
  46. Pioneer lntercontinental lnsurance Corporation
  47. Plaridel Surety and lnsurance Company
  48. PNB General lnsurers Company, lnc.
  49. Premier lnsurance & Surety Corporation, The
  50. Prudential Guarantee and Assurance lnc.
  51. QBE Seaboard lnsurance Philippines, lnc. (Formerly: QBE lnsurance (Philippines), lnc. – name changed effec. 27 December 2013)
  52. R & B lnsurance Corporation
  53. Reliance Surety and lnsurance Company, lnc.
  54. Republic Surety and lnsurance Company, lnc.
  55. SGI Philippines General lnsurance Company, lnc. (Formerly: Monarch lnsurance Company, lnc. – name changed effec. 26 May 2014)
  56. Solid Guaranty, lnc. The
  57. Standard lnsurance Company, lnc.
  58. Starr lnternational lnsurance Philippines Branch
  59. Sterling lnsurance Company, lnc
  60. Stronghold lnsurance Company, lnc.
  61. Travellers lnsurance & Surety Corporation
  62. UCPB General lnsurance Company, lnc.
  63. Visayan Surety and lnsurance Corporation
  64. Western Guaranty Corporation

IV. Professional Reinsurer

  1. National Reinsurance Corporation of the Phils.

V. Servicing Insurance Company

  1. Centennial Guarantee Assurance Corporation
  2. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
  3. Travellers Life Assurance of the Philippines, lnc.
  4. United lnsurance Company, lnc.

VI. Health Maintenance Organization

  1. Asalus Corporation
  2. Carehealth Plus Systems lnternational, lnc.
  3. Carewell Health Systems, lnc.
  4. Caritas Health Shield, lnc.
  5. Fortune Medicare, lnc.
  6. Health Maintenance, lnc.
  7. Health Plan Philippines, lnc.
  8. IMS Wellth Care, lnc.
  9. lnsular Health Care, lnc.
  10. Kaiser lnternational Healthgroup, lnc.
  11. Life & Health HMP, lnc.
  12. Marzan Health Care, lnc.
  13. Medocare Health Systems, lnc.
  14. Pacific Cross Health Care, lnc. (Formedy:B/ue Cross Health Care, lnc. – name change effective 1 January 2016)
  15. PhilhealthCare, lnc.
  16. Value Care Health Systems, lnc.

Source (HMO)